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Amity University unveils revised fee structure for Online MBA July 2024 batch, offering MBA (Business Analytics) at Rs. Rs. 1,83,080 one-time payment, Rs.1,89,050 yearly payment, and Rs.1,99,000 semester-wise payment, along with comprehensive resources and support for students.

Payment TypeAmount Per Payment
One-time paymentRs. 1,83,080
Yearly paymentRs. 1,89,050
1st YearRs. 94,525
2nd YearRs. 94,525
Semester-wise paymentRs. 1,99,000
– Semester 1Rs. 49,750
– Semester 2Rs. 49,750
– Semester 3Rs. 49,750
– Semester 4Rs. 49,750

Revised Fee Structure of Amity University Online MBA 

Amity University, a renowned institution committed to delivering high-quality education, has unveiled its revised fee structure for the Online MBA program. Practical for the May-June 2024 batch admissions, this update aims to provide transparency and clarity to prospective students, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their academic investments.

Disclaimer & Agenda

It is imperative to note that the information presented herein is accurate as of the publication date. Amity University reserves the right to modify fees or policies as deemed necessary. This comprehensive article outlines the revised fee structure, highlights vital updates and addresses frequently asked questions, ensuring that interested candidates thoroughly understand the program’s financial aspects.

Old Vs. New Amity Online MBA Fee Structure Update

To better comprehend the changes, let’s juxtapose the previous and revised fee structures:

Fee StructureOne-timeYearly (1st / 2nd Year)Semester-wise (Per Semester)
Previous₹ 1,79,400Rs. 1,85,250 (Rs. 92,625 / Rs. 92,625)Rs. 1,95,000 (Rs. 48,750 each)
Revised₹ 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050 (Rs. 94,525 / Rs. 94,525)Rs. 1,99,000 (Rs. 49,750 each)

All Course Revised Amity Online MBA Fees Structure

Amity University has revised the fees for all courses offered under the Online MBA program, ensuring a consistent and transparent approach. The table below outlines the updated fees for each course:

CourseOne-time PaymentYearly PaymentSemester-wise Payment
MBA (Business Analytics)Rs. 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050Rs. 1,99,000
MBA (Financial Management)Rs. 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050Rs. 1,99,000
MBA (Human Resource Management)Rs. 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050Rs. 1,99,000
MBA (International Business Management)Rs. 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050Rs. 1,99,000
MBA (Marketing Management)Rs. 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050Rs. 1,99,000
MBA (Operations & Supply Chain Management)Rs. 1,83,080Rs. 1,89,050Rs. 1,99,000

Amity Online MBA Courses Fee EMI Information

Full Course Fee₹1,99,000
24 Months EMI₹8,292

Amity University offers a convenient 24-month EMI option for students seeking financial flexibility for the Online MBA program. With a course fee of ₹1,99,000, students can opt for manageable EMI installments of ₹8,292 per month, making quality education more accessible without the burden of upfront payment. This no-cost EMI facility empowers students to pursue their academic aspirations while managing their financial commitments effectively.

Admission Process

📚 **01. Select Your Program**

Embark on your journey by choosing the program that aligns with your aspirations. Explore specializations like Business Analytics, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, Marketing Management, and Operations & Supply Chain Management.

✍️ **02. Complete Your Application**

Provide accurate personal and academic details, upload required documents, and ensure your application is complete and error-free. This step lays the foundation for your admission.

💰 **03. Pay Your Program Fees**

Choose your preferred payment option: one-time, yearly, or semester-wise. Secure your spot by making the payment conveniently through online modes or approved payment gateways. Avail no-cost EMI options for financial flexibility.

📋 **04. Submit & Register**

Review your application meticulously before submission. Complete the registration process by accepting the university’s terms and conditions and securing your place in the program.

🎓 **05. Await Enrollment Details**

After successful submission and payment, I eagerly await enrollment confirmation from the university. Enrollment details, including login credentials for the e-learning platform, will be shared, along with orientation and guidance for program commencement.

By following this streamlined process, you’ll be on your way to unlocking opportunities through Amity University’s prestigious Online MBA program.

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Placement and Career Support

Amity University boasts a robust network of esteemed hiring partners, including industry leaders such as Flipkart, Mahindra, SBI, DFC Bank, and Factspan. These reputed organizations recognize the quality of Amity’s Online MBA graduates and actively recruit them, providing exciting career opportunities across diverse sectors. This strong industry collaboration ensures that students receive practical exposure and are well-prepared for successful professional trajectories.

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Advantages of Amity University Online

Top-Notch Online Learner Experience
– Lectures delivered by top international faculty offer captivating insights with a global perspective.
– Diverse learning options through recorded lectures, audio books, physical books, e-books & more.
– AI-PROF. – AMI, powered by Chat-GPT 4 & Open AI Tech for 24/7 Doubt Clearing & Support.
Industry-Aligned Curriculum
– Program curriculum aligned with industry demand for better employability.
– Career services & placement assistance with 500+ hiring partners ensuring opportunities for professional growth.
Interactive Faculty Sessions
– Engage in a dynamic learning environment with our continuous faculty interaction and dedicated doubt-clearing sessions.
Remote Proctored Exams
– Take exams with ease, integrity, and convenience from the comfort of your own space.
Dedicated Academic Advisor & Industry Mentorship
– Elevate your skills and career prospects with tailored insights, cultivating a pathway to professional success.
– Expert guidance by professionals who support you in your academic journey.

Potential Job Roles

Entry LevelMid LevelAdvanced Level
Management TraineeMarketing ManagerDirector of Operations
Business AnalystHuman Resource ManagerChief Financial Officer (CFO)
Marketing AssociateProject ManagerSenior Product Manager
Financial AnalystFinance ManagerChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Operations ExecutiveOperations ManagerHead of Marketing
Human Resource ExecutiveProduct ManagerChief Human Resource Officer

Other Updates & Conclusions

In addition to the revised fee structure, Amity University has announced that the fees include various components, such as physical books delivered to the student’s communication address, audiobooks, access to 70 professional certificate courses, examination fees, and lifetime placement opportunities every 2-3 months. This comprehensive package ensures that students receive a well-rounded and holistic educational experience, preparing them for success in their chosen career paths.

Prospective students are encouraged to review the updated fee structure carefully and consider various payment options. Amity University remains steadfast in its commitment to providing quality education and supporting students throughout their academic journey, empowering them to achieve their professional goals and aspirations.


Q: When will the revised fee structure take effect?

A: The revised fee structure will apply to the May-June 2024 batch admissions.

Q: Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

A: Amity University may offer discounts or scholarships based on merit or other criteria. Interested candidates should inquire about any available opportunities during the admission process.

Q: Can the fees be paid in installments?**

A : Amity University offers a convenient 24-month EMI option for students seeking financial flexibility for the Online MBA program. With a course fee of ₹1,99,000, students can opt for manageable EMI installments of ₹8,292 per month

Q: Are there additional costs beyond the mentioned fees?

A: No, the revised fees include physical books, audiobooks, professional certificate courses, examination fees, and lifetime placement opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Q: How can I apply for the Online MBA program?

 A: Interested candidates can visit the Amity University website or contact the Farakdekho admissions office for detailed information on the application process, requirements, and deadlines.

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